- In all districts of the region the festivals of Christmas Bethlegem and kolyadnytskyh collectives "Transcarpathian Vertep " arecarried out.
-Regional Ńhildren's Festival of Variety Songs „Rizdvyana zironka”. Each year it is held in Mukachevo on the first Sunday after Christmas. Young performers (6-17 years old) compete in singing in three age categories. The festival is held in the form of the competitive program on the best performance of variety songs. Its main aim is to find and support talented children and teenagers – young art “stars”.
-Regional Festival „ Chervone vyno in Mukachevo. It is carried out during Old New Year Celebration on 14 of January, when casks with young wine are started to open. It lasts three days on the central square of the city. Visitors can taste Transcarpathian wine of domestic and factory production, buy a bottle, or even a cask of wine which they liked the best.
-Youth Sports-Tourist Games „ Na zasnizhenych shylah Karpat”. It is held at the sports - tourist complex "Synyak" of the Mukachevo district. Teams and pupils of tourist and local lore study circles of regional general educational schools participate in competitions. Competitions of sports orientation are included in the program of ski and mountain skiing.


- International Wine Festival. It lasts three days on the central square of Beregovo. It takes place in February - March. Wine makers offer wine of last year's harvest. In the program of festival - an exchange of experience, exhibition - sale of equipment for wine manufacture and tasting of the best grades of the Transcarpathian wines, draw of a lottery, competitions, photo-exhibition, performances of musicians and dancing collectives, songs, dances, dedicated to wine, acceptance of new members of the Wine Award of St. Vincent (knights).
-Festival “ Zymovi vyzerunky Volovechyny”. It takes place in Zhdenievo of the Volovets district. Participants and guests of the holiday have an opportunity to take part in competitions on mountain skiing and ski races, relay races, competitions, winter entertainments or celebratory lottery. In the festival program - amateur performances, which fill the holiday with the unique originality and cheerful mood.
- Winter Holiday "Forshong" – it takes place in the area Tjachivo district.


- Folklore-Ethnic Spring Holiday "Martsishor". Each year it takes place in the village of Bila Tserkva in the first week of March.
-Regional Slovak National Minority Festiva „ Slovenska veselytsa” – the Rudnikovaja Guta village of the Svaljava district.
-Regional Art Word Survey-Competition in the name of Ivan Irlyavskij„ Moya Vesna” – the Irlyava and Seredne villages of the Uzhgorod district. It is carried out in honour to the famous Transcarpathian poet – Irlyavskij. It is his Motherland. In the competition’s program not only the author's works, but the works of other Transcarpathian and Ukrainian writers are performed there.
-Regional Hungarian National Songs and Dance Competition “Perejshov by ya Tysu” – at the Pyjterfolvo Children's School of Art ( the village of Pyjterfolvo of the Vinogradovo district). It is held on 21 of March. The creative collectives almost from all parts of Transcarpathia where Hungarians compactly live are participated in the festival.
- International Theatre Day Celebration - on March, 28. It is carried out at the Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre.
- International Tournament of Children's Football Teams in the memory to Mihalini M., the deserved master of sports of the Soviet Union - in Uzhgorod. 12-16 teams from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and regions of Ukraine take part in it. Competitions are carried out in different age groups. It is the first competition of football season, therefore it attracts significant interest of spectators.
-Professional Teams Tournament for the cup of the "Vizhybu" football federation. It is held in Uzhgorod and Beregovo. By regional football federation invitation 6-8 best professional teams of Ukraine participate in tournament.
- International Sports Orientation Competitions "Lemkovyna" – the Uzhgorod or Mukachevo districts.


- International Modern Sacred Music Festival. It is held in April-May in Uzhgorod once every two years. It was established by the chorus "Cantus" and Department of Culture of Regional State Administration. Creative collectives, musicians, composers, vocalists from Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and other countries participate in the festival.
-Regional Modern Dance Festival „ Veselkove kolo”. It was established by the Children's House of Schoolchildren and City Children's Public Organization „Veselkove objednanya”. It is carried out every year in Uzhgorod as a result of creative work of choreographic collectives of regional educational institutions, children’s organizations and clubs in the form of a concert competitive program. The purpose of the festival is to show the creative achievements of young performers of variety dance and assist in development of different modern dancing art directions.
- International Children and Youth Competition-Festival of Popular Variety Songs Performers "Kordony ednannya" - for the first time it was held in Mukachevo on 17 of April, 2004. Its success was indisputable. That is why there is a hope that it can become traditional.
- International Kickboxing Tournament for the Prize of the "Ippon" club among young men and adults. Interesting competitions of more then 100 sportsmen traditionally collect a lot of spectators in Uzhgorod.
-Carpathian EuroregionFencing Tournament (a sword, a rapier). It was unusual event for the region, but it was very successfully held in 2004 in Uzhgorod and recommended itself as prestigious sports event. It has all chances to become traditional.


- Holiday “Provid tvarynykiv na polonynu”- in Rakhov, the end of May - beginning of June. It is very old tradition. Its history began in depth of the centuries. Sheep breaders with flocks are seen off to a mountain valley for the summer period and people expect for their returning only in the autumn with a tasty brynza.
-Open Art Creativity Festival “Raduga nad Tysou”. It takes place in Independence Sq. of Khust, the regional center of culture and leisure. Art collectives of Transcarpathia, visitors from Kiev, Kirovograd and Austria are invited.
- Children's Singing Creativity Festival “Gold narcissus ” - every year it is carried out near the well-known valley of narcissuses in the natural boundary Kireshi - reserved territory of the Khust district where in April - May the natural thrickets of narrow-leaved narcissus are grown. 
-Regional Winemakers Festival - in Vynogradovo. In the program of the festival - exhibition-sale of winemaking products and arts and crafts products, draw of a celebratory lottery, performences, competitions, including competition “ the Best cook of festival ” and performances of folklore collectives.
-Regional National Minorities Festival „German community” in the city of Svaljava.
-Regional Game Programs Festival "Grajlyk" – it was established by the Uzhgorod School of Culture and Department of Culture of Regional State Administration with the purpose to develop, support and encourage children in their work in the sphere of culture and leisure and to find young talented script writers, directors and showmen of game programs.
- International Children and Youth Musical Competition "Cribnyj dzvin". Every year there are three different competitions in art, vocal and music. They are weaved into a multi-coloured wreath of the festival.
-Festival of Slavic Cultures, Uzhgorod. The first festival was held in 2003 within the framework of  Russia Year Celebration in Ukraine, and its organizers have dedicated the festival-2004 to the Day of Slavic writing and culture, which is celebrated by all Slavic world on 24 of May every year on the Day of equally apostolic St. Cyril and Methodius.
-Competitions of Slovak National Songs „ Zolotyj solovushka” and Dances „Kryshtalevyj bashmachok” – the village of Serednje of the Uzhgorod district. It is held in a place of compact residing of Slovaks. Along with Transcarpathian amateur collectives, the guests from Slovak Republic take part in the competitions.
- International National Minorities Theatres Festival "Ethno-Dia-Sphere"- in Mukachevo. It takes place at the Transcarpathian Regional Russian Drama Theatre. The best samples of Hungarian, Russian, Jewish, Polish, Romanian Yugoslavian, German, Byelorussian dramatic art are shown there.
-Regional Soldier's Songs Festival „ Zvytyazhni Gorny ”- in Mukachevo. It is dedicated to a Victory Day. It is held on 8-9 of May. For participation in festival the best performers of soldier's songs are invited: veterans, military men and members of their families and youth.
-Romanian Folk Art Holiday – the Rakhovo district. It takes place in the villages of Bila Tserkva and Seregne Vodyane alternately.
-Day of Perechyn. The dramatized holiday is celebrated at Rusallya holiday every year, creative collectives from different districts of the region, Slovakia and Poland take part in it.
-Day of Beregovo.. It falls on last week of May and lasts three days. Within the framework of the holiday there are: an exhibition of the consumer goods produced by the city enterprises, competition on cooking of the best bograch - the Hungarian national meal and celebratory concert.
-Traditional International Track and Field Athletics Competitions for the cup "Friendship" dedicated toa Day of Victory. It takes place at the Uzhgorod stadium "Avangard". It will be its 44th time in 2005. It is the competitions of a high rank and they are included into the list of the main track and field athletics competitions of the State Sport Committee of Ukraine. Teams from Poland and Hungary take part in them.
-"Oriental cherry" - a bright track and field athletics show, sports holiday at the Uzhgorod sport center "Unost". It collects 90-120 young people from all regions of Ukraine and nearest foreign countries.
-Regional Bicycle Tourism Competitions – the Uzhgorod district, the village of Kamyanytsa. Teams of Transcarpathia take part in it. 


-Day of the Gut village of the Beregovo district. It is held during the Sacred Trinity Celebration and lasts two days. In the first day a Queen and King of the holiday are chosen. In the second day the exhibition of products of the fine arts and photo-exhibition is carried out and traditional Hungarian meal – bograch is cooked. Competitions on football, nurseries competitions, various entertaining concert and dancing programs are carried out. 
-Regional Folklore Holiday "Gamora" – it takes place in the village of Lysychevo of the Irshava district on the territory of the museum - smithy "Gamora" which is a unique monument of forge art. Its originality is that all iron products are still made by using of special iron hammer activated by a force of falling water of the small river Lisichanki.
- Ecological-Archeological Volunteers Expedition "Castles of Transcarpathia" - is carried out several years in the Uzhgorod and Khust districts under the aegis of the Transcarpathian Center of Tourism, Local Lore Study, Excursions and Sports of Student’s Youth. It lasts all summer. Its purpose is not only to provide productive youth leisure, but also their participation in cleaning medieval castles’ ruins of blocking up and carrying out of archeological researches. It lasts from June till August.


-International Children’s Literature and Journalism Festival “Rekivskeconstellations ” – in the village of Rekity of the Mizhgirrya district. In the program of this festival: competition of young poets and prose writers, concert program, sports competitions, entertainment games and excursions over the picturesque places of Mizhgirchyny.
- Festival “Selyska spivanka” – the village of Nyzhne Selyzche of the Khust district. It is held on 12 of July on the Day of St. apostles Peter and Paul. Guests from different regions of Ukraine and many other countries are invited.
-Day of the Bilky village – the Irshava district. It is held on 12 of July on the Day of Temple Holiday of Peter and Paul. The Bogatyr’s Glory Tournament is organized in memory to Ivan Firtsak-Kroton, a fellow countryman. Amateur performances collectives, national actors of Ukraine and Stepan Giga and Ivan Popovich – the natives of the Bilky village traditionally participate in the holiday.
-Traditional Holiday "Turul" - is held on 18 of July, in the settlement of Vylok of the Vinogradovo district near a monument to the kurutsy, the perished heroes. Guests from Hungary are invited to the holiday.
-Regional Festival of Transcarpathian National Minorities “Melody of brine lakes” – the village of Solotvino of the Tyachiv district. The best art collectives of national minorities participate in this festival.
- Regional Folklore Holiday „ Çnational sources ” - Perechyn. Each year it is held in the end of July - the beginning of August.
- Tennis Memorial to J.Gagera and M.Mozera. Tennis is considered as one of the most popular kinds of sport and constantly collects a lot of spectators who wish to play tennis on numerous courts of Uzhgorod.


- Regional Folklore Holiday "Kolochavske vidlunya Tereblyavskoj dolyny" – the village of Kolochava of the Mizhgirrya district.
- Regional Open Festival of Modern Songs and Dances „Kryshtalevi grozdi”. It is held during the Vinogradova Day Celebration (25.08-28.08). Creative groups not only from our region, but also from all regions of Ukraine participate in the festival.
-Regional Hungarian Folk Art Festival „ Hungurianpatterns ” – the village of Sjurty of the Uzhgorod district. Amateur collectives of Transcarpathia and guests from Hungary participate in it. Within the framework of this festival the exhibition-performance of national-graphic and applied art products of Hungarian craftsmen are performed there.
- Regional Dramatized Holiday "Obzhynky-2004" – the village of Andrievka of the Uzhgorod district. It takes place on the bank of Andreevskoe lake after vintage. The dramatized action, exhibition – sale and gala concert are held there.
- International Open Paraplanerism Championship „the Cup of the Carpathian mountains” – the village of Volovets. Sportsmen make flights from mountain tops of the Borzhava Ridge. The Ukrainian sportsmen, and also teams from Russia, Moldova, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries participate in competitions. It is a fantastic show of multi-colored paraglides above the picturesque Carpathian mountains.


-Holiday of Harvest and Vine Parties-Festifals - in many villages of Transcarpathia and villages where Hungarians compactly live (Uzhorod, Vynogradiv, Beregovo and Khust districts). People who are interested in it have an opportunity to evaluate the revived traditions of our great-grandfathers.
The vine parties-festivals which take place in the Hungarian villages are especially interesting. They are held in September - October after vintage. In villages the youth in national Hungarian suits sings national songs, goes by festively decorated carts and invites inhabitants to a party. The entertainment program provides draws, competitions and performences.
-Festival “Na Synevir trembity klychut” - on the bank of picturesque high-mountainous Sinevirskogo lake which is situated in the Mizhgirrya district. National actors of Ukraine and amateur creative groups not only from different parts of the region, but also from Ukraine participate in the festival.
- Regional Dramatized Holiday „ Perechynzshyna – the land of talents ” – the city of Perechyn.
- Slovak Folk Art Festivals „ Slovenska veselytsa” – the city of Seredne and the villages of Antolovtsi and Storozshnytsa of the Uzhgorod district. Amateur collectives of Transcarpathia and guests from Slovakia participate in it. Within the framework of the festival – an exhibition-sale of national-graphic and decorative applied art products of Slovak craftsmen.
-International Tourist Fair Exhibition “ Toureurocenter- Transcarpathia”. It is held in the third decade of September in Uzhgorod before the World Day of Tourism. The exhibition is a large-scale presentation of tourist-recreational potential of the region and fields concomitant to the tourism.
- Sports and Tourist Festival „Gold Autumn”. It is dedicated to the World Day of Tourism. It takes place in the village of V.Viznitsja of the Mukachevo district on the last Sunday of September. Pupils of tourist and local lore study circles of regional general educated schools participate in the festival. The program includes the competitions on tourist technique, best singing of tourist songs, painting and etc.
- International Car Race Competitions - near the city of V.Bereznogo. It is very interesting traditional competitions which collect a plenty of spectators and fans.


- Dramatized Holidays of a Harvest and Autumn Parties-Festivals - in the villages of Transcarpathia.
Guests can taste the Transcarpathian wines of domestic and factory production, natural fresh vine juice and try meals of traditional Hungarian cuisine. Separately – the concerts of the Hungarian and Ukrainian amateur collectives.
- All-Ukrainian Songs Festival in the name of Mashkina – the Irshava district.
- International children festival of theatres "Interlyalka". It lasts from October, 1 till October, 7 in Uzhgorod once every two years. In 1997 the festival was included to calendar UNIMA. Participants of the festival are children theatres collectives of Ukraine, Belarus, the USA, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Germany. 
- International Sacred Music Festival. Ittakes place at the Rome-Catholic or Greece-Catholic temples of Mukachevo. Choral collectives of Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and, certainly, the Mukachevo Exemplary Choral School for Boys and Young Men participate in it.


- Day of Uzhgorod. During its celebration the cultural-mass and art measures, concert of variety asters of Ukraine and celebratory fireworks are carried out.
- International Tournament “the Cup of the Carpathian mountains”. Handball Competitions among female teams for the prize of Nina Getsko-Lobovo, the Olympic Chempion, are held at the sport center "Unost" in Uzhgorod. Prize-winners of the Championship of Ukraine and foreign teams participate in it.


- Dramatized Holiday“A hto, hto Mykolaya lubyt ” - at the Regional Music and Drama Theatre in Uzhgorod and in all districts and cities of the region.