„Have a rest in the villages of Transcarpathia”

   Villages have a very rich historical-architectural heritage, culture, original life as well as picturesque landscape and recreational resources offered by nature.  That is why rural green tourism has been developed for a long time in Transcarpathia. Many urban residents often have a rest in the villages.
The most popular places for a rest are the villages situated near the rivers, lakes and mountains.
There are many picturesque areas in the region so one can choose the kind of rest he likes the best, for example: fishing, or gathering of mushrooms, raspberries, blackberries, bilberries and medicinal plants. Having a rest in the rural area gives an opportunity to urban residents to enjoy our national exotic area, learn more about ethnographical features and to improve health by means of health-giving spring waters and clear mountain air.
Also, in a number of Transcarpathian villages there are unique monuments of wooden architecture – such as ancient wooden churches, and other monuments of nature and history.   In our rural area there are many interesting objects of national crafts such as weaving, embroidery, pottery, willow-bush, carving etc., by means of which  national culture are enriched. Among them there are unique and almost the only in Europe interesting places such as “Ruznya Gamora” Blacksmith Museum in the village of Lysychevo of the Irshava district and Wood and Alloy Museum on the bank of the river of Chorna in the Mizhgirjya district. All mentioned above give to the owners of rural houses and other people who help to organize such vacations in our villages great opportunities to write and fulfill different projects for the guests of our rural houses.

Beregovo district
    Hospitality of the owners of our rural houses, unforgettable taste of Transcarpathian fruits and vegetables, rest on the bank of the rivers of Tysa and Borzhava, original folklore of Hungarian people and fascinating architectural-historical past of the district are offered to visitors by people who live in the villages of the Beregovo district such as Chetvalva, Velyka Bakta, Bene and Borzhava. Guests have an opportunity to see ancient Gothic Church with wooden bell tower (Õ²V- ÕV²² century) in the village of Chetvalva. There is a monument of architecture in the village of Bene – Gothic Church of the Õ² – Õ²V centuries.  

Velykoberesnyj district has its amazing mountainous landscapes, mountains covered with forests,  flowering polonines, fast rivers and silvery springs of health-giving mineral water. The district is situated in the mountainous region of Eastern Carpathians.  The unique buildings of the area is the masterpieces of wooden national architecture – three-storied tent churches. The wooden temples which  still exist are dated mostly from the ÕV²²-ÕV²²² centuries. Most of them are original symbols of Transcarpathia. There are dozens of tourist and bicycle routes on the territory of the district. Successfully works the high-mountainous farm “Polonynske Hospodarstvo”, where the unique breed of horses named as “Gutsulski” is cultivated with the purpose to develop the high-mountainous horses tourism.    

Vynogradovo district
Near the bottom of the Chorna Mountain on the right site of fast river of Tysa is situated beautiful and quite city of Vynogradovo.  Vynogradovo was called “Sevlush”, this name existed officially till 1946. It was well-known because it was the first city in the region to get the title of Royal City. Vynogradiv is deserved to be called a very picturesque part of  Transcarpathia. Visiting the Vynogradovo district one might enjoy Transcarpathian beautiful nature and feel its health-giving power, get acquainted with affable and generous people and learn more about national traditions and customs.  One can also try to do different kinds of work around a house and also good to taste meals of Transcarpathain cuisine.  The Vynogradovo district will present you a good vacation and unforgettable impressions.

Volovets district is the mountainous district of Northern part of Transcarpathia.     The mountains ridges are stretched from the North-West to the South-East and in this direction they become higher and their geographical relief are changed. The beauty and richness of the district is its plants and animals. They are of a wide variety of species. Verchovynskyj area has developed social-cultural sphere and rich cultural wealth. Volovetsk district is very hospitable area. If one wants to have a rest in the beautiful nature so then it is exactly what one needs no matter at what season one would come.
Rest and leisure in the villages are offered to the visitors by the “Shypit” tourist development union.

Irshava district is called a pearl of Borzhava Valley. A very interesting place for tourists is Regional Landscape Park “Zacharovanyj kraj” – this is a real chest of jewels of nature. Forests with old beeches, oligotrophic swamp covered with thick carpet of moss and unnoticeable at first the Drosera rotundifolia flower, a flower which likes to eat…mosquitoes.
The active museum-smithy “Gamora” in the village of Lysychevo, which is almost 300 years old, is preservation of secular traditions of hard-working people. The farm implement forged by heavy water flow is in demand of local people. And the history of local narrow-gauged railway is a good opportunity to visit the picturesque part of Borzhava Valley and to enjoy the unique landscapes of our rural area.

Svalyava district  is situated in the central part of Transcarpathia ó ïåðåäã³ðí³é part of the Carpathians and is marked by extremely various forms of geographical relief.  There are almost all kinds of mineral waters of Ukraine are situated in the district (more than 100 fields). Water is unique for its structure and medical capabilities, and people call water springs “Saint Springs”. Comfortable climate is good for developing  different kinds of summer and winter rest on the territory of the district.  The area is also known for its original monument of architecture of the XVII century – wooden church in the village of Bustra.  Another proof that the town has very long history is a monument of nature – oak which is almost 500 years old and is situated in the centre of Svalyava.

Mizhgirjya district  is the most amazing part of the Carpathians. A tourist who is traveling all over the Mizhgirjya district would like to visit Lake Synevir which is situated 989 meter above the sea level.  One would be impressed by the one of the most beautiful waterfall of Ukrainian Carpathians – “Shypit”.
Among the Carpathian Mountains in the colorful villages the benevolent owners of cozy houses “Bokorash” in the village of Synevir, “Goryanka” and “Nezabutka” in the village of V.Studenyj, etc wait for tourists. The houses with cozy rooms will give one a feeling of comfort. Hospitality and benevolence of the owners, national cuisine, home-baked bread, brynza cheese and token cornbread make one’s vacation pleasant in every season of a year.    
Unforgettable impressions are left in tourists hearts after the song festival “Na Synevir trembity klychut” which take place every year in September.

The Mukachevo district is the territory of picturesque Carpathians and forests where one can enter a ‘temple’ of wild nature and to enjoy it. One can see a group of wild boars, roes and deers there. There are the unique monuments of nature have been saved. It is a land of original culture and history where the monuments of the past and present are coexisted.  
There is an opportunity for everyone to step from the XXI century straight to the XII-XIII centuries to find out the secrets of medieval castles and palaces, to learn more about history, culture and traditions of people who live there.
The Mukachevo district has a great tourist-recreational potential which is effective and efficient used now for treatment, recovery and for vacation in sanatoriums and health resorts such as „Carpathy”, „Synyak”, „Perlyna Carpathy” as well as in the children camps and in the sphere of green rural tourism – „Turistska sadyba” public utility company.
„ Turistska sadyba” – specialized tourist organization which cooperates with the owners of rural houses and people who live in the health resort area of the Mukachevo district in the sphere of organizing and offering of the places for temporary residence and feeding of the tourists in the villages and further organization of their rest.
The owners of rural houses have the places for tourists of different level of comfort from the low conditions of “rural” places of temporary residence till the high quality rooms on the elite hotels level. 
Tourists can have a rest enjoying the nature, tours all-over Transcarpathia or can have a rest by their own plans.

Perechyn district
Àmong picturesque emerald mountains in the valleys of the Uzh and Turjya fast rivers are situated the precious pearl of Transcarpathia – the Perechyn district.
It is the unique and wonderful area are pleasant to God because He generously gave it inexhaustible recourses: huge old forests, mineral recourses, health-giving water springs and fertile soils.
On the territory of Perechyn district there are some interesting places such as Polonyna Runa (1472 m. above the see level), mountains peaks such as Menchul (1295 m. above the see level), Vysokyj Verh (1413 m. above the see level) and Rivnyj Plaj (1228 m.  above the see level). Polonines, fields on mountains, are surrounded by a number of waterfalls. “Shypit” is the biggest waterfall of Transcarpathia.
By fascinating beauty of area, generous gifts of nature, rich history, original culture ñàìîáóòíüîþ êóëüòóðîþ, interesting dialect of local inhabitants, a wide variety of tasty meals the Perechyn district attracts a great number of guests and tourists.       

Rakhiv district is in the most high-mountainous part of the Ukrainian Carpathians. There is the highest peak of Ukraine – Goverla as well as geographical centre of Europe, the biggest forests of Europe with old trees, springs of health-giving mineral water and the biggest inflow of Danube – the river of Tysa, which starts streaming there. Also there is the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, the territory of which is of the valuable ecosystem of the Earth and it is a part of International net of UNESCO Biosphere Reservations. In Europe this unique high-mountainous district of Ukraine is known as a region where together with its nature an original Gutsul culture of native inhabitants of the district has been preserved. 

Tyachiv district has a very high tourist-and-health-resort potential.  On the territory of the district have been found more than 67 springs of mineral and thermal waters which include about 20 microelements necessary for people’s health. The mineral waters are similar to well-known mineral waters of Caucasus, Czech and France for their characteristics. In the district there are about 60 monuments of archeology, history and monumental art. Among them are the settlement of Kanuna (VI-III century B.C.), remains of castles and fortresses and also caves near the village of Velyka Ugolka.
Situated in the town of Solotvyno Salt Lake Cunigunda has unusual characteristics. High salinity is characteristic for it that is why the lake as well as Dead Sea is known for amazing facilitating flotation of swimmers.   There are also 7 museums of history, local lore and ethnography. An interesting place for tourists is the private national museum “Sriberna Zemlya” in the village of Grushovo where a collection of valuable exhibits of history, culture, customs and life of many generations who lived in this area are gathered.

Khust district is in the mountainous and foothill part of Transcarpathia. An original symbol of the Khust district is its architecture: 4 unique monuments of national architecture – wooden churches with Gothic elements, in the village of Krajnykovo – church of Michael, 1662, in the village of Sokyrnytsa – church of Nickolaj, 1709, the village of Danulovo – church of Nickolaj, 1779, the village of Olexandrivka – church of Paraskevi, the first part of the XVII century. High-peaked towers are in the harmony with the perfect proportions and forms of the simple structured buildings.
The best natural recourses of the district are ecologically fresh air and a great number of mineral and thermal water springs. The Khust district is also known for its unique places. One of them is well-known place out of the country - the Narcissus Valley. This is the only place in the Independent Countries Union where one can find the natural tangles of narrow-leaf narcissus.  Only in this district a breed of buffalo of Carpathian population is still exist.
The resort area “Shayan” is the only area of the Khust district where the main important medical factor is a number of mineral water springs which include different macro- and microelements such as iron, bromine, fluorine. Now the health resort is well-known far beyond our country’s borders.

Uzhgorod district is situated in the western part of Transcarpathia, in the foothills area of the Carpathians. Because of advantageous geographical position the district has an opportunity to develop tourism-and-recreation sphere with the purpose to attract more tourists from all regions of Ukraine and foreign countries.  
Now one can have a rest in the picturesque place on the bank of the lake near the village of Andrijvka. Near the lake there is an ecotourzone “Agrotak zolotoi pidkovy” where elements of rural tourism such as excursions on the horses of Gutsul breed, rare and exotic animals and rest on the bank of the lake are offered..
Also tourists will be met with pleasure by such tourism-and-recreation complexes as the ranch “Zolota gora” in the village of Barvynok and motel “Kamelot” in the village of Kamjyanytsa. Visitors will be impressed by thå high level of services and national cuisine of Transcarpathian. 

Beregovo District

Velykyj Bereznyj District

Vynogradovo District

Volovecj District

Svaljava District

Peretchyn District

Mizhgirja District

Rakchovo District

Tjachivo District

Uzghorod District

Kchust District