The geographical position of Transcarpathia

The geographical position of Transcarpathia, Its mild climatic conditions, its picturesque scenery, its mountain air, its healing springs have splendid possibilities for treatment and for rest at its health resorts in the territory of our region.
The advantage of treatment at its spas lies in the fact that natural factors as distinct from medicines are the most physiological ones.They mobilize the human organism reserve possibilities without calling forth, as a rule, any side effects.
It has been proved that natural agents substantially influence the organism stability against unfavorable actions, potentiate the development of the functional possibilities of the human organism main systems, their protection-adaptation reactions. The health-improvement resources of Transcarpathia are predominantly made up of its spas (62 main ones). At present approximately 800 springs have been found out representing all the main groups of natural mineral waters.
The presence of microelements in the composition of Transcarpathia’s spas gives every reason to refer a number of the healing springs to the unique ones, and their
water to to the highly effective and valuable means to be used in treating and preventing various diseases of different human organs.In our region on the basis of
these unique spas many health resorts function all the year round.
Welcome to our region! Best wishes of the pleasant and effective curing in the health resorts of Transcarpathia!